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A PRIVATE CRUISE between the most beautiful islands of Sardinia & southern Corsica

Les Budelli

Enjoy a memorable catamaran cruise to discover the mythical bays of southern Corsica or northern Sardinia

With friends or family, you will take a route dotted with wild creeks and turquoise waters. The anchorages of Corsica are real little corners of paradise! You will approach the spectacular cliffs of Bonifacio and the charming fishing village of Campomoro. You will pass by the superb Lavezzi islands where the desire to dive with the fish is felt!

or contact us at 06 82 13 32 15

Our discovery trails

1 week cruise

Discover the south of Corsica and the coasts of Sardinia if you feel like it. Your choice: the south of Corsica or the north of Sardinia with the discovery of the Maddalena islands; The perfect combo for a moment of relaxation and conviviality with family or friends.

2 week cruise

Take the time to escape for 15 days and explore the south of Corsica or go on an adventure and conquer the tour of the Isle of Beauty for 2 weeks aboard Le Shamane. An ideal stay to make your vacation a success.

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