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Marie September 2023

Excellent cruise experience thanks to the Shamane team! Marie-Ange was invaluable in preparing our trip, giving us sound advice on provisioning and local excursions. Our skipper was fantastic, taking us safely to spectacular destinations. A getaway under the Corsican sun that we won't soon forget!

Nicolas June 2023

Superb adventure aboard the Shamane! The organisation before the trip was impeccable, with Marie-Ange guiding us through all the logistical details. Our skipper was fantastic, taking us to secluded coves and heavenly beaches. An extraordinary holiday in the enchanting setting of Corsica!


August 2023


Very good discussions with Marie-Ange, who helped us prepare for our cruise (contact for supplies, taxi transfers, shopping list, menu ideas, etc.). Our stay on Shamane went really well. Thomas, our skipper and the boat's owner, met all our expectations and helped us discover some magnificent places, each more beautiful than the last. A dream holiday under the Corsican sun.


July 2023

 A unique experience. The only thing missing was a coffee maker and an ice maker (especially given the temperature). The owner had given us a list of things to do, shopping to do, recipes, places to eat, and was always there to answer our questions, in short, impeccable organisation! There were 8 of us and we each had our own space. In short, an unforgettable experience, to be recommended.

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